Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (it is Wednesday, right?) Pooley's Pumpkin Patch, Bennington, NE

We let 2 two year olds lead us through a corn maze.  After about five minutes or so we actually wound back up at the beginning of the maze!

this house was super creepy from this point and would make for a great horror movie.

one little chicken got out of its cage.  i tried to get kylee or ethan to pick it up and put it back.  they wouldn't.  neither would i...i was scared it'd peck my feet off (i had on flip flops)

yay for pumpkin suckers (that were orange

My pumpkin pie blizzard AFTER a fun morning with Ethan, Crissy and Kylee at Pooley's Pumpkin Patch

1 Words to brighten my day:

Crissy said...

That really was a fun day! I had on shoes and I STILL didn't want to touch the baby chicken.