Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little People Love

No, not people of less then average height little people....the ORIGINAL little people!  From the time the first set came into our home as part of Brennan's first birthday, we've had a love affair.  The toys, the DVD's, the c.d.'s for the car, the books...we've have it all.
Ethan loves to dump out the entire bin (it's a big bin, too...3 boys x 8 years + good sales = lots of little people) and surround himself with them.  He even "talks" for them, which is really funny to hear.
I've gotten rid of all the baby toys and  I have no plans on keeping most of the other toys as they are outgrown, either, but our Little People collection will be here to day I will be an old grandma and surrounded by grand daughters and they will have just as much fun playing with these fun friends as my boys have today.

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