Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Lion Inn, Idaho Falls, ID

We stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Idaho Falls, ID, during Justin and Jess's wedding.  We stayed in the part that is a circle, which meant the rooms were not perfect squares, but more of a trapezoid, so it was kind of neat.
My parents room was a few doors down (they requested to have the falls directly out their window).  I didn't mind, it meant they didn't hear us and we didn't hear them, lol.
THere was a duck who had laid eggs in front of the breakfast place and the boys were fascinated with it.
My favorite part was the access to the temple.  It was directly across the Snake River and very visible from our rooms.  It brought a sense of peace and joy to our rooms...Ethan LOVED to peek out the window and yell "TEMPLE!" every time he saw it!
If I were to travel and have the choice of a Red Lion Inn again, I'd definitely stay there!

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