Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kristen's Baby Shower...It's A Girl!

What happens when two mama' who have only boys hosts a baby shower for a nameless baby girl? We go into overdrive!  (A pout because we can't get anything monogrammed with the baby' name...but a mother's desire is not to be overruled by two overzealous hostesses)
All pillowcase dresses and bows made by me. All diapers bought by Megan.
It was a great way for both of us to get our fix of girlishness!

The tablescape
Close up of baby's diaper...I printed the Ooga Booga print onto a frosting sheet...Kristen uses cloth and one of the diapers Megan bought was this print, so it was perfect to use!  Notice the adorable tiny pink pearl necklace!

Side view of the cake...LOVE those diaper pins!

Thank you cookies.  Made using this recipe.  Next time I will embellish the with gumpaste.  These cookies are great b/c they stay soft for days so you can make them a day or two ahead of time...and the quick pour icing sets firm!

FOOD!  Yum.  Megan did a great job of creating our food table.  The only thing I did was make diaper pin candies using candy melts.

Kristen, thanks for having a little girl so Megan and I can get our girl fix! It is a lot cheaper then adopting (esp. because Megan and I have so many "Must haves" on our "adopt a baby girl" list.  I had a lot of fun planning and executing this party and I can't wait to meet Ms. Nameless.

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