Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When Grandma Cupcake and Papa Jeff went to California at the beginning of August, they made a stop at Legoland to get the boys some souvenirs.  They LOVE their new books, guide of Legoland, and clothes. 
As a matter of fact, we were having ziti for dinner right after this picture was taken, so I had the boys remove their shirts to keep them stain free.  Ethan got so mad that I let him wear his hat...he has not taken it off since (and that was last Thursday).  He LOVES his hat.  He goes into his bed with it on and as soon as he sits up after a nap, he starts trying to put it back on.
It usually sits too low on his head, though, so he can't see where he is going...but we don't mind because that has brought a LOT of comedy into our days.
At least it is not way up high. like good ole Les Miles.

Guess what???  LSU FOOTBALL (and all college football) Season begins SATURDAY!!!  WHOOO HOOO!

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Crissy said...

Actually... it starts this Thursday =)

The boys look so cute in their Lego gear! I can't believe how grown up Ethan is looking. Where did our babies go?!!