Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowboy

While at my parents, my cousins, Martha and Miranda brought over some horses.  Two to graze on my parents pasture and one miniature horse just for the boys to play with for a few days.  The boys absolutely went bananas for Tinkerbelle and had a blast riding her.  As you can see from the pictures of our water slide play date, there was not a ton of watersliding but horse riding instead.  Brennan would just go up to Tink, jump and sit there...Tink was a FAT horse and didn't really walk around that much without some prompting :).  Tink was a really great horse for them to have because she was so calm.  They have trained her to not jump around any noises or distractions so she can be used for pony rides.  The kids were literally crawling all over her and she didn't care one bit.  Thanks for bringing her over Miss Martha!  We loved it!

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