Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lighting at CSN

Have you ever thought about how much good lighting effects your home?
I have...and not just because CSN asked me to share a few of their great lighting products, either.  Since I am now a CSN preferred blogger, I will get to share lots of their fabulous products, too!

My living room has a nice big window.  A nice big window that doesn't let in any light during the night.  Odd how the sun goes out and the moon just isn't powerful enough to give my family light to see, read, eat without spilling all over the floor, etc.  My living room also has...NO OVERHEAD LIGHTING!  It's basically a cave as the sun sets and night falls, bringing with it a cool breeze and a lack of lighting from the moon.  Come on moon, get your act together.

But never fear, check out some of the fab lights and accessories I have found that could solve the frustrations of living in a home with NO overhead lighting in the bedrooms, living room, or craft room.  I will focus on my living room, to keep it simple.

1.  Overhead lighting.  Maybe one day my daddy can install overhead lighting in my living room.  He mentioned it once before.  BUT...the more I think about having a really cool dangling chandelier or a multi-purpose ceiling fan, the more my blood pressure starts to rise just thinking of the constant nagging I'd have to do.
"Jackson, a chandelier is NOT a swing!"
See, it would just be too stressful worrying about my beautiful lighting breaking, so when my daddy installs an overhead light, I will go simple and elegant.

2.  Lamps.  Now, lamps are just as precarious in the world of little boys as fans and chandeliers, but I like that you can get a little funky with a lamp and add a little bit of style to a room without drastically changing the entire room's look.  This lamp would go great with the hints of blue I want to incorporate into my living/dining room.  AND...if for some reason a boy child were to break a lamp,'s a lot less money for them to have to work to replace it then a fancy overhead light...and it's a lot easier to clean up :)

3.  Accessories.  Now, every light needs a good light bulb.  With out the proper wattage, bad things can happen.  Too small a wattage and you might as well not even have a light on.  Too much wattage and you have a fire hazard on your hand.  CSN even has light bulbs on hand so check them before you place that final order...that way EVERYTHING you needs gets shipped to you at once.

4.  T.V. Stands.  Now, no, this item will NOT solve your lighting problems (unless you have a really bright t.v.) but it will make me happy and make me forget for a moment that there is a lighting problem. could get one and add some recess lighting and have another source of glowing warmth!

5.  New shoes.  Now, once again, does NOT solve your lighting issues :) BUT...I love a pair of new shoes!  I actually own this pair from CSN!  Wouldn't that sunny yellow light up ANY room??? 

6.  Sales.  Now this is not an item that could enhance my lighting problems and help me become a rockin' photographer, but...I love a sale and CSN has a lot.

So, go check out CSN today and see if you can find some lighting (or other stuff, because CSN basically has it ALL!) that would solve your lighting problems or make you happy!

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Dawne said...

I really, really, really, likie this one, and of course it's out of stock!

Dawne said...

It would be awesome if I would have left a link, huh? lol

Dawne said...

oooh , I bet I could make this one!