Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank Goodness for Santa's Christmas Eve Eve deliveries

Last night, Bart and I built the 14-n-1 Foosball ball table Jackson has been BEGGING for for months. It is from good Old St. Nick and we wanted it ready to go for Christmas morning.

We built it on the 23rd, thinking we'd have an extra night in case it took a long time to build. Also, lately we've had to force the kids to go down to the basement to play, so we were safe building it in the basement and just covering it with blankets.

This morning, all was quiet...Ethan was napping, Brennan was reading, Jackson was...

Well, Jackson was missing! (Those who know me know that Jackson is pretty good at disappearing.)

We looked all over, then found him UNDER the foosh ball table, playing Batman. I calmly escorted him (and Batman) upstairs, thinking, "Maybe, just maybe, he didn't notice anything "new" down there."

Then, he turns to me, and really quietly says, "Mama, I saw my Foosball table. Can I play?"


Thinking quick is something I sometimes rock at (and other times bomb at) and I said, "Jackson, Santa brought your table last night b/c it is too large to go on his sleigh and he drives a big truck all over to drop off the big presents the night before Christmas Eve. We can't play with it or it will disappear. We don't want to make Santa sad that you found his present to you early."

Well, my explanation seems to have worked as Jackson saw a big truck with Santa on t.v. and said, "Hey, that was at my house!"

Whew...barely avoided disaster.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Lori O said...

that is GREAT!! you covered really well i have to say. i don't think i would have been that quick to cover. Good job Santa!!

Maren said...

Awesome! You have both Brad and I laughing! Thank you so much for sharing that it!

Jenn said...

You rawk! I'm so excited for him :) Santa is so awesome for delivering early to YOUR house!

Lexi said...

Quick thinking on your toes! I would have been busted because I am an awful lier and you can read my face!