Tuesday, December 1, 2009

24 Days Until Christmas

So, has the panic set in?

The fear of not doing it all?

Mine hasn't, and this year, I won't let it.


Bart decided he wanted to buy the boys presents, so other then my mom and brother (whose names we drew) and Stacy (my scrappin' friend whose name I drew), I am set in that department. I get to watch Bart struggle over which Lego set Bren would love and which Ben Ten would be perfect for Jack.

I don't do friend gifts or kid's friends gifts...it is just too much to worry with and not in my budget.

I already mailed my Christmas cards. Since they came in before Thanksgiving, it was easy to address them while working for westathome.com...more on my job another day. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying that chore is over. And...I really liked my cards!

Our tree is up and as decorated as it is going to be. Kids rock at this project...if you want one small area to be super full of ornaments, that is. It's fake (thanks Keeley!) and that is okay with me.

I've got cookie exchanges penciled in, babysitters lined up for various functions, and the 'perfect' holiday outfits for the boys all designed in my head...just need to put scissors to fabric and get started for the boys.

I am excited.

I am happy to avoid the hustle and bustle and sit back and enjoy December. Because man, November flew by faster then the Blue Angels. I want to enjoy my holiday.

Let's see how long this philosophy lasts...I bet by next week I am scrambling to finish the craft projects for teacher gifts (can't leave any of them out, not even that darn guidance counselor...Hi JP!), wondering where my red serger thread went to sew the boys pants, rearranging the tree, starting rough drafts of Christmas Day menus, planning my outfit for my ten year wedding anniversary date night, frantically searching for a box the right size to mail my mom's birthday present in, wondering why I didn't mail her Christmas present at the same time and returning to the post office for more torture, and overall being overwhelmed...I am going to enjoy my peace while it lasts, on Day 1 of the 24 day Christmas countdown...

Oh, and folks, I've started bootcamp. Yep. Go here to read all about Megan and my adventures.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Jenn said...

I got your Christmas Card in Monday :) So cute. Love the design. Great pic too. Hope you get to enjoy your December. Thanks for the encouraging words. You're the best!

Brooke said...

Aww...it will be fun for you to see Bart struggling to find the perfect gifts :)