Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boot Camp, Snowmen, and Staying Still

Megan and I started boot camp, as I mentioned did a BUNCH of MOM friends.
Go here to read all about it. It's pretty whiny right now but I am very cautiously optimsitic that by the end we will all go get a big huge triple thick milk shake from McDonald's, super size fries, and a Big Mac and say, "Yep, Totally worth it."

Don't forget my for a snowman and reindeer iron on set, one for an adorable bib from 3 Little Monkeys! Low entries right now...and you can get a TON from the iron on one...Oh, speaking of that...congrats to KIMBERLY who has 400 extra entries for purchasing 2 snowmen iron ons the other day! She will just take 2 reindeer if she wins.

And staying 2 of bootcamp was much more brutal then day I will stay still here on the couch, blog hopping and sharing comment love.

Don't you want to give me some comment love???

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lori O said...

you are brave to begin bootcamp in the middle of the holidays and you are brave to turn all Christmas shopping over to Bart. if i did that with my husband Christmas morning would be, well, interesting!! have fun hanging out, you deserve it!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Exercise is TORTURE! Good for you, but I will NEVER attempt that. Good luck. If you keep it up, after 5 weeks you'll see that you have totally transformed your body!

Megan R. said...

here's some comment love. Short and sweet, cause I can only type with my tongue. My arms are immobile.