Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brennan and his red nosed friends

The entire First Grade at LDE

I helped out at Laura Dodge Elementary today, both before and after his Christmas program. So many of the kids were all dressed up. I loved seeing the pretty dresses and handsome suits. I also loved chatting with some of the teachers at LD (Hey J and L!)

Before the program we made Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's. They turned out well, though some of them looked like they had crippled hands (it was hands and footprints)

While the kids were finishing up their creations, I noticed one of Bren's classmates had some bright pink/white lipstick on. I saw it on her desk and said, "Hey, X, I think you need a little more lip stick." I almost lost it when she willingly started pasting more of it on her lips. Of course I had to tell her how pretty she looked after that and that earned me hugs throughout the morning.

The program was great. It was well planned out, getting children on to and off of the stage quickly and efficiently, allowing all parents to see their children sing and shine. Because I was at school starting at first bell, I placed my coat in a seat (and saved one for my friend, Jan) right on the front row! I hope I can always get a babysitter for programs so I can always volunteer and get a good seat. (Thanks Megan!)

One thing I loved about the program was that they sang CHRISTMAS songs! Yep, even the "Amen" song! There was also the dredal song (Bren's least favorite b/c Jack loves it so much and we hear it a lot.) and "God Bless America." Loved having Christ at the Christmas program!

If you are really, really, really bored (or are a creepy cyber stalker), you can check out the videos of the performance here. They should be uploaded soon. I uploaded all I recorded, for the grandparents. I think that is the worst part of living far from family...they miss out on the little everyday things like programs and birthday parties.

EIGHT more days until Christmas...can you believe it?

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lorin and Heather said...

How fun!! I am bummed because Mac's school nixed the Christmas program this year. Boo on them!!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Don't you just love watching all of the kids sing their songs?! I love watching them look for their parents and lighting up when they find them in the big crowd. Brennan looks handsome as usual.

Kristen D. said...

I also love when they get to sing real Christmas songs. I remember when I was teaching in Texas we would have an all school sing along on the last day before break. Hearing 900 elementary kids singing "Silent Night" brought tears to my eyes every time.