Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day

***This post has two boring videos in it.***

It is snowing today.

I know, I know...I live in NE...that happens.

But this time, I mean it is REALLY snowing.

Like, the Little Tykes car in the backyard has just about disappeared and there is no sign of the snow slowing down. Like, I hope and pray that our neighbors snow throw our driveway again. Like, I put blankets over our super old windows to help keep us warm without causing our gas bill to spike even more. Like, Bart is about to drive home from work and if I were Catholic I'd have a rosary and be saying Hail Mary's the whole time for safety.

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Fun, sure...winter wonderland, all that crap. But boy, does snow mess up your plans.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the MOM Christmas party. I am really looking forward to it. Now, it might (depends on how things go, but lots of wind and negative temperatures are in tomorrows forecast.) be canceled. And not rescheduled. Bummer...now where will I go to get a picture of all three boys with Santa Claus? And, who will eat all the boxes of plain old mac-n-cheese I bought for the potluck? Or the whole wheat rolls I bought on accident and was planning on bringing as well?

The plus side? Snow cones. Rebecca gave the boys a snow cone machine for their birthdays plus two big bottles of syrup, cherry and cotton candy. Smartie pants me puts on some slippers (no coat or anything, just slippers and my p.j's cause it is after 2 and I just showered) goes onto the back porch with a large bowl, and scoops up a BIG bowl FULL of snow. It was not yellow, so I am calling it clean.

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The boys LOVED them, even Ethan...he had more of a snow slurpie. When Bart gets home, I'll get some fresh snow and make him a cone...well, it was more of a snow bowl because the syrup wouldn't just soak in, like it does in the summer, so I had to stir it and wound up putting them in bowls. Didn't matter...the boys devoured them.

What do you do when the weather does not allow you to get out and do your normal plans?

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