Monday, December 28, 2009

In Case You Didn't Know...

It's my birthday this week. Usually my birthdays are pretty lame. I mean, everyone is burned out on partying, saving their last few ounces of party energy for the New Year's Bashes they are going to. Or, everyone is out of town, has family in town, or I am out of town...see, it's just not a good time for yet another party.

My birthday is New Year's Eve, and my birthday often gets overlooked. Sometimes it's my fault, sometimes it is not. It could be could be Christmas Day. (Which is when I was due, by the way...thank goodness I was late) I mean, talk about overshadowed birthdays!

I usually just make Bart take me to dinner or bake me a cake...see, lame. It's not his fault, it's mine. I try to limit the budget by the time New Year's rolls around. We've already stretched it so thin that it might just break if it were to stretch any more. It's kind of sad, really, when you think of how excited and overplanned I get for my children's birthdays.

This year, though, he told me he was inviting a few friends to dinner at a restaurant that has a private room, raided my email address book, and sent out an email. He did this unprompted and all by himself...
Awww, how sweet.

Here are last year's birthday posts: Here and here.

As long as no chocolate Jesus hands appear during my birthday week, I will count it as a success...the joke has gone on long enough Bart...and all those chocolate hands of Jesus WILL come back to haunt you.

This year, I am going to embrace turning thirty. I am going to have a great year, full of clutter free kitchen counters, freshly washed diapers, perfectly behaved children, and healthy home cooked meals. I am going to try a little harder to be the kind of person I want my children to be. I am going to...that goal is a little bit more realistic.

So, I am wondering, what do YOU do to celebrate YOUR birthday? Do you go all out and throw yourself a party? Force your husband to see a chick flick kid free? Maybe nothing, just sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. I'd love to know. Also, what do you want to do differently for this first birthday of the new decade? Just an FYI: My "golden" birthday is next year...I think I might just throw myself a party at my house for that one, but plan it for November or January, when people are a little less busy and more settled. :)

Stay tuned because tomorrow I have a giveaway in honor of my's from this site and is something any of you that can turn on an oven or crack an egg can use...I promise!

6 Words to brighten my day:

Bart said...

Jessie, I always get magic chicken for my birthday. And don't think that the chocolate hands are going to stop anytime soon. Those things have magic healing powers. They are ordained of God and will be a part of our family for as long as Palmer continues to be inspired.

Angelkris said...

DO you feel bad eating the chocolate praying hands?

You must have received your family photos...finally. I like this one!

My birthday overshadowing doesn't compare to yours, but I tend to get jipped with it comes to the presents from the hubby- he does his best, but in all of my dating history, which isn't much, my birthday present has been combined with a Valentine's present.

Hippie4ever said...


Nikki said...

Happy Early Birthday to you! To be honest, I'm sort of in the same birthday category as you. My birthday isn't necessarily overshadowed but more like it's just not there. :) I'm a Leap Year baby so my actual birthday only appears once every four years. So... once every four years, we do it up big. I mean MONDO BIG. Last year (my 8th), DH threw a surprise 80s themed dance party at our place... WOW. :))

Diana said...

did you get the picture CD from the photo shot??????
cute picture!!
have a great party tonight - wish I could go, but... one day the kids will be grown and I can party down with you!!! :)

have fun!!

Jenn said...

Happy early Bday! I'm so excited for your party! It's gonna be great. I like to celebrate my bday (depending no when it falls) for either a week or a weekend. It's more fun that way :) Oh and it usually involves jewelry :))))