Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bebe au Lait...a review

I have cute kids. I do. I also have boys that do what boys do...get dirty. And with dirt, comes baths, and with baths comes lots of towels.

I use so many towels. I feel like 1/2 of all laundry is towels. My favorite are the hoodie towels for babies. Unfortunately, Ethan has outgrown my favorite type of towels. I love to have them all wrapped up as we go from bathroom to bedroom to get dressed for the night.

Enter Babe au Lait.

Okay, first off, adorable hooter hiders. Seriously folks...the fabric selections are fabulous. It really helps to have a trendy cover (just my opinion as one who was very stand offish to nurse the first two in public) to feed a baby in public...but that is just me. The nursing covers (same concept, slightly different design) have an even bigger selection of fabrics. LOVE THEM!
And finally, the hooded towels.

Oh, my heck. Ethan and I reviewed the toddler sized shrine aqua towel. (This is my personal opinion...I was not paid to write this, though I did receive a towel for free) LOVE IT! It is so cute, looks fabulous both wrapped on my son and hanging in my bathroom, and is large enough to cover Captain Fatty Pants (weighed in at 29.7 lbs tonight folks...Jack is only 36.6 lbs and he's 3.5), something the baby towels can no longer claim.

If I were to shop at Babe au Lait for a shower gift, I'd order a toddler sized towel (because everyone will be buying the mom-to-be baby ones and your gift will be around WAY after baby is a mover and shaker) or a gift set. I love a themed gift, and I think one of the towels (I'd get hot dots for a girl) and baby soaps/a tub (maybe a PUJ?) and a few baby bath toys would rock the baby shower. OR maybe a burp cloth, bib, and family jewel many great choices.

Being a mother does not mean you have to resign yourself to trucks, princesses, and animated characters...I think that is the number one thing I love about Babe au's adult take on children items.

Go ahead and check them out...I bet you find at least one thing you or a mommy near you NEEDS today :)

4 Words to brighten my day:

Anonymous said...

I so miss those little towels! I just wish my teenagers would stop stealing my towels! oh - and they will NOT be pleased with these picts in tub if you include them in the rehearsal dinner video for their wedding (I was given strict orders to NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!) - so I didn't! Sigh!

I still love those little towels, though!

Anna said...

I didn't know they made towels too. They have some really cute stuff.

Dawne said...

I would love a pretty nursing cover. I just have a plain blue one, and that's no fun!

Brooke said...

I'm with you...both of my girls love hooded towels. I found a couple that almost fit them, but how cool would it be to have a towel that really fit them?! Looks so snuggly...not sure if it's the towel or the cheeks!