Sunday, July 1, 2007

Warning: Never go to the zoo on a beautiful Saturday!!!

I see two monkeys, what about you?
In their natural habitat, up close and personal

What a great idea! Let's go to the zoo with Daddy! The weather is nice, not too hot or humid, there is a breeze, and we want to go on a relaxing 'adventure'.
Let's just say that 'relaxing' doesn't come close to a few of our experiences.
#1 There are so many people going to the zoo that the entire zoo parking lot is full. That's okay because it is right next door to Rosenblatt Stadium, so there is plenty of parking, right? Wrong...half the parking lot is under construction, the other half is already full of zoo-goer's like us. Well, we drive around a bit and find someone loading a stroller into their car-jackpot. Blinker on, problem solved. Except for the jerk (we'll use the polite term) who flew in from the other side and took OUR spot. Needless to say, we were less than thrilled and Bart shared some "words" with this jerk who was showing off for his girlfriend.
#2 The new Exploration Station that we've heard so much about is not only crowded, but also just an overview of the zoo. An okay stop at the zoo, but not worth the madness to get in.
#3 I lost Jackson's hat that looks like a frog. I am really bummed about this and might call the zoo Monday and see if anyone found it.
#4 The alligators are actually in the basement of the Desert Dome, not the Lier Jungle where we decided to go...oops, maybe we'll see real ones in LA.
#5 Brennan decides as we are going to leave that he wants to see the elephants. The elephants that are in the very back of the zoo and requires a very long hike uphill both ways to get to...we try to change his mind with offers of strawberry ice cream from Zesto's. (It works!)
#6 Zesto's runs out of strawberry ice cream right as Brennan is ready to order...what else could go wrong???
Well, our adventure wasn't the most relaxing ever, but I hope that Bart and I kept "happy faces" on and that the boys had a good time we'll go during the week and just tell Daddy all about it later.

Stopping for a quick snack-animal crackers!This goat got really friendly with Jackson-he tried to eat Jackson as a snack!

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