Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TLC Life Lesson # 327

Have any of you seen the TLC commercials that are about things that seem dumb but are really true? They have little statues and call them 'life lessons'. Well, here is my life lesson to share with all of you.
Life Lesson #327: If planning a trip that you know will excite your child, spring it on him the day of the trip. Give no advanced warning, and if you do, be vague as to the day you are leaving. Otherwise, you and your child will get about 3 combined hours of sleep and wind up watching Playhouse Disney by 5 a.m. You will hear the comment, "Look, Mommy, it is getting light outside, it is almost morning." more times than you care to mention and you will have a little bit of dread build up in the very back of your mind as you contemplate the upcoming travel time with your child.

Thank you Jackson, for only waking up once, when you somehow magically pulled your diaper off and awoke to a pool of pee. That would wake me, too. At least there is hope for you...

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