Monday, July 23, 2007

The Miracle!!!!

Okay, so back to my broken camera and Best Buy.
I went to the Best Buy on Bluebonnet and the manager, Mr. Thibodeaux, was very rude and awful. I cried all the way to Chuck E. Cheese.
Camera still broken...only way to fix it: send it off and wait three weeks...impossible.
So, I live the entire weekend without my camera (I did borrow Jeni's for Sunday...thanks!) and I am feeling miserable by Monday.
Well, Bart is the general manager for a home shopping network's (ShopNBC) customer service group, and I know he has helped people in similar positions. So I call Olympus's customer service...all they can do is have me send it in. Boo.
Let's call 888-BEST-BUY back. This time Sam is very nice, but doesn't offer any more solutions. I offer Sam the solution of 'giving' me enough disposable cameras to last me through my vacation. Well, Sam didn't think that was funny, but he did offer me a $50 gift card for my troubles. So, I sadly hang up the phone (after accepting the $$$ of course), resigned to my vacation fate of being camera-less. Boo.
Now for the miracle!
I decide to upload a few pictures to dropshots for Bart to see what was going on before the camera broke when...

I decide to just try the camera again...just for kicks...when...

THE CAMERA TURNED ON AND WORKED!!!! Prayers really are answered and dreams do come true. Hallelujah!
So, now I can quit worring and fighting for what is right and good (for me). I can now quit boring people with my sad tale and get on with what's important...capturing my kids sweetness and cutie patutie lives!

Whining done...NOW!

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lorin&Heather said...

Awesome....I am glad it started working again. I knew Best Buy wouldn't help, they are the worst!!

jessica and bart said...

yeah, i am not a fan of best buy anymore...but, since they are sending us $50 gift card then i will force myself to go there and use it. more best buy for me!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...