Friday, July 6, 2007

Divine Intervention

This is a true story. I should happened to me.
Wednesday afternoon, Brennan asks Bart if he could play the Wii, for "just a little bit please???" Who can say no to someone so cute and cuddly? Anyways, Bart puts in Paper Mario and tries to find the Wii-mote. (I do not know if that is what it is really called, but that is what Brennan calls it.) A long search of the entire house (hey, we've got two kids who love to move things!) proved fruitless, but I did find the missing flip-flop. So, Brennan and Bart go back outside to the slip-n-slide, Bart a little worried we wouldn't find the Wii-mote (we are leaving him along for three weeks, he has to have something to do!) I decide to clean the basement...something I had been planning on doing when we got back from our trip.
Now, let me tell you about our basement. It is L-shaped, and the bottom half is the toy room. When the boys do not put their toys away in the living room, I literally throw them down the stairs. It is wonderful...except when you don't help your 1 year old and just turned 4 year old pick up for a few weeks. Things start to stack up, which is just what happened.
Back to Wednesday afternoon...
About halfway through straightening Toys-R-Us, I mean the basement, I get to Brennan's golf bag. Now, I happen to know that this particular toy has not been played with in a long time, and I decide to throw it out. (That's the kind of cleaning I was doing) Well, instead of just chunking it, like I had done to a few other things, I decide to open it up, in case a "good" toy was hiding inside. Well, I am sure you can guess what I're right, the Wii-mote. Now, had I not been inspired to clean the play room, or had I not been inspired to check inside the golf bag, this would be a totally different entry. It would be one of me gripping about how Bart can't keep track of his toys and how we had to buy a new Wii-mote. Thank goodness for divine intervention!

Oh, and yes, the Wii is very fun to play, but no, I will not post the video Bart made of me boxing with the Wii-mote...I look like a crazy person!

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Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...

Close call! Isn't it funny how we get little inklings that we should just check something one more time and THAT'S the time that you find what it is your missing? I've had that happen with lost keys in the snow in Alaska- I had already searched under the car but decided to check one more time and there they were. It really makes you wonder if we all don't possess some kind of 6th sense or ESP to some degree. We don't have a Wii but it looks fun AND they have a new Harry Potter game for it and who could resist that?! I'm sure Bart will sleep easier knowing that he has three weeks of Wii time with the Wii-mote (cute nickname!). ;-)