Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Jamie's Wedding

Jamie and Jamey Billig

At the end of April, I was able to go to Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL for Jamie East's wedding. She was married on April 29 at the Don Cesar, with the beach behind us and the gorgeous resort in front. It was a beautiful wedding, and the entire weekend was amazing. I am so glad I was able to participate in my dear friend's happy day. I really like Jamey-boy, and I know he is going to "treat her right".
Nicole Cox and I were 'flower attendants', Jamie's solution to Jamey's denial of 8 bridesmaids! Smart girl. I got there Friday, were I met Jamie and Diana (from Germany, a fun roomie for me) for manicures and pedicures and lunch. Friday night was an open house and then a P.J. Party for the girls/women. Saturday I picked up Nicole at the airport, went to the bridal brunch, hung out at the pool (just the girls, the guys were off on a boat), practiced for the wedding, attended the rehearsal dinner, went to Philthy Phil's for some "fun times" (if you're never going to see the people again, who cares if you can't dance???) and came back to the Don. Sunday all the girls were pampered with updo's and makeup by pro's in Jamie's penthouse suite at the Don ( I even got highlights-thanks Nicole!), and then the wonderful wedding and reception. It was a very busy weekend, and the only I'd change is the way I got my hair fixed for the wedding. My hairdo made my face look even fatter than it is, and I hate the pictures of me in them because of it, even though I am usually vain and love any picture that my mug appears in!

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Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...

The pictures on the beach are awesome and I happen to like your up-do so there! I am so happy to hear that Jamie is happily married now. Her ex was a poot and I never got to know her well because he was always around (don't mean to offend any one who knew him I'm just stating what I observed with my own two eyes. It looks like you had a blast- but then again... any party on the beach is generally a good time had by all, right?!

jessica and bart said...

yeah, i'd have to agree about the party on the beach thing. of course, i was at the beach for four days and the only time i got sandy was during the picture time...