Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow we leave for our 4 week vacation "home". We have been gone for four months, and a trip back is just what we need. Brennan is so excited he can hardly sit still. He woke up this morning, got his Darth Vader carry-on bag, and asked when we were leaving for the airport. Needless to say, he was more than a little disappointed to learn that he had to wait another day.
We are getting packed up and ready. I am bringing a small suitcase inside a larger one, just in case the grandparents go into generous mode. (I also know I will not be able to pack everything up as small as it is now.) If it all works out, we will only have two suitcases of 'stuff', one amazing scrapbooking 'suitcase' (that will be checked), one car seat, two kids, one stroller, two toy planes, three DVD's, and one mom. Not too bad.
Now I just have to remind myself that I really didn't forget the sunscreen or Brennan's "White Quilt" or Brooklyn's bikini I, as any good aunt would, bought her.

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Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...

All Hail Queen Jessica and her royal heirs, Prince Brennan and Prince Jackson! We will miss her majesty's apperance in her royal court of blog, but shall be thrilled to behold the splendid sight of said Queen in flesh and blood these coming weeks. Until such time I bid you farewell and wish you safe transport to your native homeland! Can't wait to see you guys!