Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Fireworks Free Fourth

Because Brennan is absolutely terrified of fireworks, we didn't plan to go to a parade or fireworks display or anywhere that could have some this fourth of July. Instead, we celebrated our country's birthday by going to a movie (Doogal, you can't really pick the free kid summer flicks...), playing outside on the slip-n-slide, and having a BBQ, just the four of us. We made sure that Brennan and Jackson were in bed with a loud fan going before the fireworks in the area really got going. For fireworks to be illegal in Omaha proper, there sure were tons of them all over. Bart and I enjoyed watching them from our dining room window, though. Some of the fireworks we saw were really on a grander scale than kids playing around a neighborhood, which was impressive.

(Jackson isn't in these pictures because his nap time and their slip-n-slide time overlapped)

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Lexi, Troy and Peyton: said...

Yeah- we had a firework free fourth too. Peyton is usually in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 so we knew we wouldn't be seeing any. Can Brennan watch fireworks on t.v. or is it the boom factor that gets him? I hated balloons when I was a kid because of the sound they made when they popped. Remember those races where you had teams that had to run up and sit on the balloon that was on a chair to pop it? Freaked me out every time! I'm not scared of them popping any more so Brennan should come around too (especially if Jackson IS okay with them because you know, you can't show that you're scared of something that your younger sibling isn't afraid of!) Way to go for the slip n' slide- I miss mine. I can't wait for Peyton to be old enough to do those kind of things!