Friday, August 28, 2009

Steroids make a baby HULK up.

When I took Ethan to the pediatrician Monday for his well check less abled breathing aliment (cause we don't want to give him a complex), he was given a steroid shot in each leg to help with his breathing.
That day, naked, he weighed 24 lbs. 8.4 oz.
When we went back to the doctor b/c of difficulty breathing on Wednesday, he weighed 24 lbs. 13 oz...and was prescribed an at home oral steroid.
Now, I know these are not the athletic illegal steroids, but they sure helped my fat baby hulk up. 4 ounces in two days. Ouch. :) When he is all done with the meds, I'd love to go weigh him naked on the same scale and see what it did to the little guy.

I know you all want to see a picture of the adorable p.j. pants I finished sewing last night, but the Incredible Hulk, AKA Ethan, does not come near fitting into his (that's what I get for trying to freehand a pattern with a pair of slightly too small pants) so you have to wait...until Chubs gets a pair that fits his girth.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Kristen D. said...

Kristabelle was on steroids everyday for the first year post-transplant. She seriously bulked up and her little cheeks got sooo chubby. Now she is on every other day and she has lost a lot of the chubs. I'm sure that he will lose the extra weight when he is off the meds.

Lara said...

Steroids are crazy things. I had to be on them once, and my face has never been so fat!

I hope that his breathing gets better...that's where steroids are miracle workers. What's a little chub in exchange for oxygen, right? :)

Char said...

My oldest got MAJOR 'roid rage
when she was on steroids.

Thanks for finding me via TCB!