Friday, August 14, 2009

Pedipeds New Fall Line up

As you may or may not know, I am a sucker for cute shoes for my kids. Not having a girl throws a small hitch in my plans for world shoe domination, but I have discovered some cute boy brand being Pedipeds. I even got to see a sneak preview of their fall/winter collection.Pedipeds have lots of cute designs, colors, and textures and are adorable. They say they are "The next best thing to bare feet", and after having Ethan's sample arrive, I agree. I couldn't wait to slip Ethan's tiny toes fat feet into them.

Ethan liked them, too...He is learning to stand on his own (unsuccessful for now) and I think the added grip of the sole helped. He got mad when I took them off, but really, what baby needs shoes for naptime? That is going too far, if you ask me.

I like that they make shoes up to size 12...a lot of other cute shoe companies stop around size ten, thus leaving big footed monsters, like my children, to perish in clod hoppers. If any grandparents are reading this and want to get Jackson a pair of Zach (size 11), feel free...they make great Christmas presents, I hear :)

This winter, Pediped is introducing a "Couture Collection"...if Ethan had been an Emily, he would have at least the Nadia if not also the Gabriella. The really neat thing about the Couture Collection is that they are limited in availability and will be replaced with other adorable shoes in the spring...meaning not every baby girl on the block will be sporting the same pair as your kid, but a year later b/c they bought them 90% off on clearance (I heart clearance, don't get me wrong, but the Nadia is so sweet and sassy, I would want them to be mine only!)

So, if you are wondering what shoes you should pick for your little munchkin this fall, head over to Pedipeds and check them out...they are pretty reasonably priced (about $30-60) and appear to be well made...though Ethan hasn't really put them through the wringer just yet. They've got 27 new styles in their Fall/Winter Collection, so if you've had Pedipeds before, there is something new for you!

Just for fun, leave a comment telling me which pair you'd just loooove to own for your little fashionista.

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