Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering, part 2, bumGenius Review

Now that we are home, I am back to my adventures in cloth diapering. Ethan got to review a bumGenius 3.0 one-sized reusable diaper from Cotton Babies.

Bart got the package while we were in Florida, and when he opened it he said he actually might try using this one since it had velcro closures and that was more like what he was used to in a disposable diaper. He is still a bit frightened at all the snaps on the Fuzzibunz (not that that stops me from using them!)

There are snaps on the front to lengthen or shorten the diaper, making it fit many sizes. Even though Ethan is almost 25 lbs, I still needed to use the snaps (that adjust size only, not an enclosure) so it would fit snugly...meaning he will fit in this diaper for a long time to come. I am a tiny bit nervous Ethan will get too fat for them to close all the way, but that is a weight wait and see kind of thing, not something bumGenius can really prevent. (If they were to make the belly area wider, it would be too big for almost all babies out there and like I said, he fits in it well and there is room to grow...he just needs to quit getting so darn FAT!)

The diaper comes with two inserts, a regular insert and a newborn/booster insert. I was glad about this because the diapers I ordered that had a cute cover cost the same amount but did not come with inserts, meaning I will have to spend more money to get a few more for them...this is something to keep in mind when ordering diapers, does the order you are placing include everything you need to use that diaper? If not, it might not be the best value, even if it seems cheaper.

So far, no leaks, and that is one thing that is very important to me. I hate changing sheets and clothes because a diaper didn't do its job. Also, changing the diaper is really easy. When you are taking off the dirty diaper, you just fold the velcro tabs onto the soft closures and the velcro won't get tangled with all the other velcro and cause a big tangle of cloth diapers in the wash. (I learned that trick first hand)

Overall, Ethan and I really liked the BumGenius is on my list of "want to buy more!(in Clementine and Ribbit!)", too...

2 Words to brighten my day:

Diana said...

He's getting so big - not looking like a baby any more.
glad you'r back!

Holly said...

So is cleaning the cloth diapers awful? I know it saves money, but I'm afraid that my hatred for doing laundry would interfere with this money saving.