Monday, August 31, 2009

SpiderBoys and The Miracle Of Paint


The finished Spiderman P.J. pants. I just really love matchy for my boys...They were a big hit, too...though it took a few tries to get it right.

See, it was just like Goldilocks (me sewing them) and the three bears. Jackson Bear's pants were too big. Ethan Bears's first pair (yep, had to make a second) were too small. And Brennan Bear's were just right. After a few adjustments and fixes, though, all was well and the three little bears snuggled down for the night.
(Next time I upload pictures to photobucket, I promise not to make them so small)

I also appliqued a Spiderman on an older teeshirt of Jackson's. It was so easy to do and so cute. He loved it and wanted to wear it the next day. (Nope, a firm rule is NO WEARING THE CLOTHES YOU SLEPT started b/c I was not changing my clothes after having Ethan, then the boys wanted to copy, so you see, I had to end the cycle...) I just used common sense, and this tutorial, and was done in about five minutes making a shirt just for Jackson.

When I was buying the Wonder Under, I asked the little old lady at WalMart to please not fold it...I remember my mom getting VERY upset when her Wonder Under would get folded. Well, not only did the little old lady roll it for me (and tape the middle down) she also went through a quick "how to use" tutorial at WalMart...why, oh why does WM think it is okay to close these fabric departments down? Where else will 87 year old grannies work and help the younger generations??? I did learn that the WM on 180/Center will have a fabric department for at least two more, I might be making more trips as they are SOOOO much cheaper then the other shops around.

I will say, time I will use something see through to cut my circle so I can center it better...OR I will use my Creative Memory circle cutters to get a very exact circle. Oh, well...Jackson is three and does not care about perfection.

The next project I did this weekend: Turn the outdated cabinet into a something I will be super proud to display.


My mom stenciled this cabinet for me and Bart's first apartment over ten years ago! It was functional as a food storage unit, then when we moved to our second apartment, it got put in a closet. Stencils aren't the most "IN" thing anymore...not that my home is "hip" but you know, I am trying...

Here in Omaha it has lived in the basement, home of some books and toys.

Not any more.

I needed a place to store my laptop, printer, small cricut, bills, etc. I repainted the cabinet to coordinate with the newly painted dining is the same color the chairs will one day be. It took maybe one hour (sanding, painting, etc.) and sat in the garage over night...I could hardly wait to bring it upstairs to its new home.

What do you think???


(for some reason I forgot to upload just the cabinet, but you will get the idea...PLUS, there are the new basic curtains I made the other day, too!)

I even painted part of the hardware for the cabinet and I am debating on whether or not to be really picky and paint the tiny circle in the middle of the cream knob...would you?

So, what have you done lately? I don't know why I've been in such a domestic mood. I'm sure I will snap out of it soon enough.

7 Words to brighten my day:

Crissy said...

I really like the curtains and filing cabinet. The pj's look cute too (yes, the pics need to be bigger lady). I would paint the center circle..but just because I'm weird like that.

What have I done lately? Attempted to clean my house, but for some reason lose motivation like..every single day. I have started going on walks with K almost every day though in attempts to lose some lbs. I've changed diarrhea diapers numerous times a day (thank you teething) and carried around a crabby baby that won't let me leave her site. I'm not nearly as domestic as you.

Anna said...

The pj pants turned out so cute! I love matchy things too. My Mom always dressed me and my sister (we're 18 months apart) matching for years. I hope I get to have another girl some day and then they can be matchy (or a boy would be good too, but harder to match).

I've been trying to survive the onslaught of furniture and stuff from my inlaws' house. They lost their house and had to move to an apartment. They didn't pack anything until 2 days before they had to move out. So they dumped all this furniture and boxes of stuff at our house because they didn't want to take it to goodwill. Our house is about 900 sq feet with no storage/attic/basement. So I've had to sort through it and see if there is anything that needs to be kept (keepsake stuff) before sending it on its merry way to goodwill or craigslist. So very frustrating. The clutter is driving me insane. Not to mention it is not very baby friendly or allergy friendly since most of it is very dusty. I have much better things to do with my time than sort through stuff they were too lazy to.
Sorry, I hijacked your comments, but I can't vent too many places about that for fear they will see it.

Lori O said...

i agree about the walmart ladies. my grandma worked in the fabric dept of walmart for years and absolutely loved it. and she loved telling all the young people the best ways to do it all and she really could do it all. i miss walmart fabric

Jenn said...

I love the pjs! I've become a lot more open to the idea of making things because you can since I've started working at a fabric store. Though its not the fabric you wear, but rather the ones that are for home decor. So maybe one day I can get to sewing! Great job on it all!

Lexi said...

You've been busy! The pj's are super fun {get it, SUPER fun? Oh never mind! Great job on the cabinets and the curtains. Wanna come help me make some curtains too? :-) Pretty please with a cherry on top?!

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

Aww, lovely! So perfect!

I love when my kids are matching!

Gwengom said...

so cute!! you'll have something to look forward to on the kids' dentist days: a trip to the 180 WM!