Monday, August 17, 2009

First Grade, Day One

An excitement has been in the air. The feeling that something is about to change...something good.

And does.School starts.
Brennan is no longer the baby of the school, but a big ole first grader.
He did not need a change of clothes or nap mat this year. Nope. This year his supply list called for big kid stuff, like pencil boxes! (He had a really small list this year because OPS actually provides most of the supplies each year so a pencil box is the coolest, big boy item he needed.)Brennan went to sleep last night with no troubles, because the "Back to School" Fairy promised to drop a small treat (LEGO set) into his backpack if he was able to get to sleep without getting out of bed five point two million times. (Too bad Jackson didn't do the same...I heard the fairy had a really cool music set for him!) He got up without arguing, quick to dress and brush his teeth.
He was ready.
Am I?

Brennan with some of last year's kindergarten class. They were so happy to see each other!

2 Words to brighten my day:

The Awesome Rawsons said...

i don't think i'm ever ready for them to grow up. but i don't have much say in the matter.

Andrea McMann said...

Aww!! MY son starts first grade today! I'm waiting for the time when I can wake him up right now, as a matter of fact! His first day will be a little more nervous than your son's. His school was shut down at the end of last year, so first grade is in a new school. He only has one friend from his old school in his class, but we went to open house last night and I'm sure he'll have a bunch of new friends in no time. Keep your fingers crossed that my boy has as great a first day of first grade as yours did! :)