Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Child to Cherish Penny Bank w/ Bug Keeper Review

While in Louisiana, a package arrived at our front door. Bart was there to greet Max the Soccer Ball Penny Bank with it's adorable Bug Keeper. He called the boys, excited to tell them they have a surprise waiting for them when they arrived home.

We were home not even ten minutes before the boys had opened the box and made Max their new friend. They had a few pennies left over from the money Papa Jeff had given them for the trip home and they were quickly feeding Max the SoccerBall Penny Bank his favorite food...money!

We sent them to bed, glad to be home and hopeful the boys would learn how to save money, not just quickly spend every penny found on candy or Dollar Tree treats.

The penny bank also came with a bug keeper...the perfect pairing, in my opinion...see, there are two things my children LOVE...money and bugs. Seriously. They used to use baby food jars to catch bugs until their dresser was covered in jars and I said NO MORE! They were very grateful for this Child to Cherish combo to allow them to collect two of their favorite keepsakes.This bug keeper is great. It's got holes poked into the lid and has a cute scene on the outside. Right now ours is filled with crickets. Lots of crickets. Plus flowers, grass, a bit of water and dirt, etc. The boys are glad to have insects back in their room and not get in trouble for covering their entire dresser with them.

Child to Cherish has more then this sunny soccer ball bank. They also have lady bugs, turtles, butterflies, baseballs and more.

Child to Cherish sells a lot more then just penny banks. They sell unique and functional keepsakes and gifts. The Child to Cherish collection includes timeless treasures designed by Patrice Lowe to capture precious moments in time. Items include their Tower of Time handprint kit, piggy and elephant banks that can be personalized with matching frames, gifts for grandma, welcome baby gifts, gift basket sets, an adorable plush collection, holiday gifts, for the creative toddler an innovative crayon apron and for a special birthday celebration the Happy Birthday tableware set. Child to Cherish offers one stop shopping for innovative gifts for any and every occasion. (that part I copied from the email about the review b/c it is said so well...why reinvent the wheel, you know?)

I think the next time I am invited to a baby shower, Child to Cherish will be the place I go for a cute present...I mean, who wouldn't want those adorable blocks??? Or maybe a set of hand print tins? I know I'd love some to preserve Ethan's fat feet.

And guess what???? Child to Cherish is giving Finding Joy in the Journey readers a 10% discount! That's right, just enter the code tr10 to receive 10% off your purchase. And come back here and let me know what you ordered. I'll be excited to find out.

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