Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zoo Trip on Good Friday

We didn't let the near freezing temperatures or bitterly cold winds stop us from attending our MOM play date at the zoo on Good Friday. Nor did we let the extremely large crowds (from the NCAA basketball tourney that is going on down the street from the zoo) slow us down, either. We met up with a large group of friends, and as we set out, our group slowly grew smaller and smaller as satellite groups went off to explore less crowded indoor features of the zoo.
Brennan became attached to Aidan and they were the best of friends as they explored the desert, the creatures of the night, the jungle, and the underwater world together. You can see in the pictures that the two were rarely apart.
Both of my boys (well, all the kids, really) were extremely well behaved (compared to past trips) and listened great (except Jackson, who got banished to the stroller. Overall, it was a great trip and worth fighting the bitter elements to go.

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The Roundy's said...

That was very brave of you...I heard it was packed! We went today (monday) and there were a ton of people too.