Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, we were going to go bowling here Friday night with some great friends, but when I called to find out about how to get a lane without having to wait forever...I was informed that 1/2 of the 40 lanes were reserved for league bowling and the other 1/2 were reserved for parties...What???? You cannot tell me that the league is paying more then my $25 an hour for that lane. And, how do you book every single lane in advance for the weekend when everybody is going to want to go? And, who is so dorky and such a loser that they are doing league bowling on a Friday night? (Sorry if any of you out there do league bowling on a Friday night...if so, please post pictures and tell us how good you are!)

Now what are we going to do Kim and Raghav?

4 Words to brighten my day:

PapaJeff said...

There's only one bowling alley in Omaha?

PapaJeff said...

Maybe you could watch an LSU football tape.

jessica & co. said...

there are lots of bowling alleys, even one relatively near our house (the one we were going to is rather far)...but none are as new or cool as this one. boo.

Holly said...

How funny, or frustrating for you I guess. I suppose some people are really serious about bowling especially when it comes to a nice bowling alley.

I clicked on your link, it looks pretty nice. I thought we were doing good when they got rid of smoking at Don Carters :)