Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking Back

So, Lexi tagged Jessica, yet she has two Jessica's on her list, so I'll just be cocky and assume it meant me!

Twenty Years ago I was: 8, my dad was in Korea, and we lived in a haunted house in Ridgecrest, LA.

Ten Years ago I was: 18, a senior at Vidalia High School, and I had just got my driver's license. My mom bought Sherman the tank from someone's front yard for $250 and I had a car that was on life support. (well, it was my dad's car, but I got to drive it sometimes...whoa.)

Five Years ago I was: 23, pregnant, and teaching middle school reading. I wonder if any of those kids are at Angola yet?

Three Years ago I was: 25, trying to get pregnant, loving being a full time mommy.

One Year ago I was: 27, had just moved to Omaha, NE, was unpacking my house, and really missing Louisiana...and wondering if we'd made a HUGE mistake.

Yesterday I was: 28, excited about the wonderful weather, cleaning up for the BBQ we were having, and wondering if the snow will ever all go away.

Today I am: still 28 (go figure:-), tired from a long evening last night, glad church went relatively smoothly, really cold compared to yesterday.

Tomorrow I will be: still 28 (yippie!), cleaning the toy room with the boys, and enjoying NE and my family.

I tag Melissa and Jeni C.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie said...

I would love to hear the story of the haunted Ridgecrest house!!! I'm particularly interested since I grew up in a Ridgecrest house.

As for the kids at Angola, I would give that a resounding YES! We see Holly's old McKinley kids on the news all the time, NO KIDDING! And it's stuff that'll send a person to Angola and not just parish prison.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I second the haunted house story. Oh, and no need to be cocky- you're the Jessica I was thinking of. ;-)
It's amazing that you got to be 28 for so many days! J/K- that did make me laugh! Stay warm up there!