Friday, March 7, 2008


It has come to my attention that there has recently been a bit of snow in the southern region of my fan base.
Quit being so excited...I am tired of snow and I don't want for all your excitement to encourage more to fall...on me.
Today it was FIVE DEGREES as I drove to a playdate at 10 a.m. FIVE...not fifty, but FIVE. It is currently 19, feels like 13.
So, for all of you excited about snow, I just want you to realize the blessing you have to actually be excited about not dread it and worry that it'll be a BIG snowstorm that has you homebound for a day or two, going crazy...

But, still, take lots of pictures, because you might not get many snowy opportunities to do so in TX and LA (Justin, did you take pictures? If so, post 'em for the family to see!) Oh, and I hope you guys realize I'm just kidding...I'm glad you got snow, b/c it is pretty fun at first...I just don't want another inch or two or ten this winter...

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