Monday, March 10, 2008


I am drooling, my kitchen smells so good. I am cooking a lot of tomorrow it can be turned into roast beef po boys with au 'jus...let's just say I CAN HARDLY WAIT! (I like the po boy part way more then just the roast part, but that's a lot of bread/carbs to be putting on my fat butt to eat poboys twice in a row)

I'm so glad I got to taste Clark's po-boys while I was in FL...I came home and immediately tried to make them. Mine are good (just ask Bart!), but not nearly as good as Clark's. So, Jamie girl, if you read this, ask your old pop to send me an email, or give me a way to contact him, so I can try to make mine as wonderfully awesome as his!

3 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie Girl said...

oh im sooooo proud of you!! i will call dad tonight... they are super good

PapaJeff said...

Well, how was it???



PS I love poboys. You need to make some when ya'll are down this summer.

jessica & co. said...

the poboys were delicious! and thanks to jamie being such a GREAT FRIEND, she got me the "official" recipe from her, yes...we will have some of 'dem poboys while i am visiting...however, i don't think we'll start with an 8 pound chuck roast...maybe 4 :-)