Sunday, March 9, 2008

Prep Work

This coming Saturday the mom's group I belong to is having an Easter egg hunt and bake sale. I am baking a cake for the sale and this afternoon I worked on the eggs that are to go around the side of the cake. They are made of fondant (which Brennan kept wanting to eat...gross kid!) and not perfectly oval, but they will do fine for the side of a cake, right?
Stay tuned for the finished product...

something is wrong with the picture uploader, but I'll go ahead and post this so I will remember to upload them later.
it only let me do one. then it gave me an error message...weird. anybody else having problems today with that?

2 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I can't believe Easter is around the corner. It kind of snuck up on me! Yesterday I went Easter candy shopping and had a blast picking out all of the ol' reliables. Yeah, I spent too much money and bought too much candy but I couldn't help it! Yummm! I can't wait to see your Easter cake creation! I bet it will look really cute.

The Roundy's said...

I love your eggs! They look fantastic! And yuck...Fondant is so gross.