Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Big Week with PawPaw Ronnie

Waiting for Ronnie and Bart to finish checking out the book sale/tourist information place...
We checked out the Pony Express Musuem, built inside the first Pony Express Barn in St. Joseph, MO
Checking out an exhibit
The Remington's pose in front of a Remington...
Ride 'em cowboy Jack!
In front of the Pony Express Stables.
A replica of the gun Robert Ford used to kill Jesse James
The whole under the cross-stitching is the bullet hole...people have chipped away at it over the years, so it is a lot larger than it originally was.
The Remington's in front of the James was moved from it's original location to this spot in the 70's (I think).

At the Kingdoms of the Night Exhibit...Brennan's favorite

Hanging out in the jungle...the one place in all of Omaha that is always WARM!

The cake I baked and decorated for the Relief Society birthday. I covered it in light blue fondant that I made myself.

We started Wednesday off with a play date at the park with the Roundy's. Thanks for meeting us there...we had a blast!
On our way to Lincoln, the boys got a case of the sticker poxs.
We toured the University of Nebraska football stadium. We watched the UNL Cornhuskers beat UNC...but we left at the end of the 6th was just getting too windy/cold.

We had a VERY busy week with Ronnie, Bart's dad. We probably put 500 miles on the car in two or three days. We saw one of the original Pony Express Stables, Jesse James' house (where he was killed), the zoo, and the Mormon Trail Center. We ate at Famous Dave's BBQ, Culver's, and Raising Cane's in Lincoln. At Famous Dave's, no one noticed that Brennan came in in just his socks...until we were leaving. So much for "No shoes, no shirt, no service". We celebrated Easter and Ronnie and Jack's birthday's. And, we even had time to watch a LOT of March madness NCAA Basketball.

All in all, we had a blast and we are already missing Ronnie...and he just left this morning! Come back soon PawPaw!

4 Words to brighten my day:

The Roundy's said...

Way to be brave and rescue Jackson's croc! Yikes! Looks like you had a blast being tourists. I love the Remington's in front of a remington.

Jamie Girl said...

wow...ya'll accomplished a TON in 3 days!! i'm so proud of you miss croc rescuer:)

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

You did some of my favorite things- BBQ for one, going to historical places that are fun to learn about and you spent some time with the wild animals! It sounds like a lot of fun- I'm glad you had a good time. Loved the Remington's in front of a Remington picture- that was classic. The cake turned out awesome and I had to laugh at the sticker pox! I wonder what kind of adventures you can fit into the time you're here! I can't wait to see what we can get ourselves into! :-)

Angelkris said...

Have the boys recovered from their sticker pox? Joss had one sticker pox today- do you think she's catching it?