Tuesday, June 5, 2007

They have football in Nebraska?

We aren't becoming traitors, but we did go and tour the University of Nebraska's football stadium. They leave a gate open so that you can give yourself a "self-guided" tour. We had a lot of fun, even though it started POURING down rain about ten seconds after we got everyone buckled into the car. Their stadium is nice, but rather small, especially compared to Death Valley. I think Bart said their stadium seats about 75,000. Like I said, tiny.
Brennan was amazed that there was football in Nebraska. I guess he thought it was a one state sport. Nope, kiddo, it's EVERYWHERE, it just happens that LSU is GREAT!

The best part of the afternoon was that we had spotted a Little Cesar's Pizza in Lincoln and we got one to go...yum. Nothing like eating pizza in a car all the way home. Two things that just shouldn't go together, but work great none the less...you just need a few extra napkins.

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