Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raisin' Cane's

There are certain things you lose or miss out on when you move away from home. In our case, one of those things is Raising Cane's chicken fingers. Now it just so happens that another Baton Rouge West transferee is also an avid R.C. fan. His wife, an even BIGGER fan, discovered a R.C. right in our own backyard, a mere 52.3 miles away, in Lincoln. Bart, Jason, and Chad (the Baton Rouge crew of West) have already made the trek to Lincoln a time or two during the work week, taking extended lunches and treating the one who got stuck driving. I, on the other hand, have been busy with other things, such as swim lessons and grocery shopping and housework. But, you can only go so long with the knowledge of good and evil and not act on it.
Bart, wonderful husband that he is, knows that I would not make the 104.6 mile journey just for a few pieces of chicken...but he knows I love a good time with the family. So, he did a little research, located a great Children's Museum in Lincoln, and we were off on a mini-adventure. Although the decorations of Cane's was a bit different (80's movies/music vs. LSU), it proved that there is still only ONE LOVE.