Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Brennan is such a wonderful son. Today he turned four years old. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. He has been a joy, even on days when he is napless and cranky.
He has been so excited for his birthday to get here. I am not quite sure what Brennan thinks happens when you turn four, but whatever it is, he is ready for it.
Monday night, Bart took him to get a birthday surprise...both for Bren and me. They came home with a hamster...Harry the hamster. I dislike hamsters with a vengeance, but Brennan is so darn cute around Harry that is is getting hard to hate the little guy (hamster, not Bren).
Brennan does so many things that make me laugh and smile. Some of his comments are just off the wall and hilarious. Tonight, as we ate Brennan's birthday dinner (all his favorites, chicken nuggets, french fries, corn, and cake), Brennan said, "Hey, did you see that? Harry's exercise ball moved."
After examining the ball, he announces, "No, it was just my imagination."
Thanks for making Mommy and Daddy's lives even BETTER!

Brennan-a year in review
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Stacy Hutchinson said...

This was so sweet. I can't believe he's four! I guess I should get with reality, because Ayden's turning three in August and that means that Brennan is getting older too. Your boys are so darling. I can't wait to see you in July.