Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jackson the Carnivore

Let Him Eat Cake Steak

Jessie, AKA Parent of the Year, decided to let Jackson hold a fork and knife since he likes steak so much. I could just see her eyes sparkle as she envisioned another "perfect scrapbook moment." It may have been the irresistible Outback marinade or the grilled to perfection stylings of yours truly, but Jackson decided to attempt to take a bite out of the knife. Yes, our son is both adorable and daring, much like his idol Evel Knievel. Luckily, no one suffered any serious injuries, and we were able to add yet another food item that Jackson will devour. He tried to eat a rock earlier, but although his physique may resemble that rock eater from The Never Ending Story, it didn't work out as well for Jack as the steak.

by: Bart

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jessica and bart said...

Bart makes me out to be Miss Mommy Monster...that just isn't the case. He agreed to take the picture, and I stood right behind Jackson to ensure that no harm befell him.