Sunday, June 17, 2007


This week- end we went to a BBQ at the home of Raghav and Kim. These are friends of ours, Kim being Bart's old boss before we moved to Omaha.
Brennan was smitten by Raghav, following him around, shouting his name for the world to hear. Brennan had played with Raghav before, but for some reason, he really "bonded" at the BBQ.
It was a very 'international' BBQ, with everything from steaks and cupcakes to curry, lentils, and Japanese eggrolls (yum). I tried curried chicken and an Indian dish, Bart tried lentils. Everyone kept saying, "Oh, this dish is hot" or "Careful, don't burn your mouth." I didn't have a problem with the heat, and neither did Jackson. (That boy can EAT!) It was all delicious. Jackson especially loved the Japanese jello stuff (in little cups) made with vegetables. He ate two by himself, plus the bites he had of ours.
We all had a great time at the BBQ, but I would have to say that Brennan had the best time out of our family, between playing with Baxter the dog and Raghav the magnificent. We can hardly wait until football season...Kim and Raghav are getting a 42 inch flat screen tv...

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Troy, Lexi and Peyton: said...

Japanese eggrolls... sounds delicious. We're big eggroll fans in this house. Too bad the eggrolls at the Chinese place down the street suck. At least they have good fried wantons and General Tso's Chicken so I guess I can forgive them. Accountability told me that I shouldn't go there for a while... but I'm determined not to listen. Who needs him anyway?