Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scar, I Mean Jackson

Jack has a tendency to be a bit of a klutz. If he could get hurt by something, he usually will. He has a small scar under his eye from when he was about 9 months old because he falls so much. I am truly surprised we have not had to make any trips to the E.R. with him.
A few nights ago, Bart and I heard a tinkling noise coming from the boys room after bed. We ignored it, thinking they were out of bed playing with LEGOS. Actually, Jackson had somehow reached a framed picture on his dresser and broken it. Thankfully we check on the boys before we go to bed, because we discovered glass on the floor and went to investigate further. I found glass in Jack's bed and instantly had Bart get him out. In his bed, near his face and pillow, was a large shard of glass with a pointed tip, about five or six inches long! It looked like the perfect prison shiv. If he had rolled over it would have stabbed him, most likely causing major injures.
Now, you are probably looking at the picture and scratching your head. If the glass didn't cut him, then what DID happen to his face? Well, today right before church, Brennan was swinging a snowball maker in a circle...not being mean, just minding his own business and wasting time until we were outside to unlock the car. Jackson walks by him and BANG! our newest injury has arrived. So, if you ever want to include somebody other then your own family in your prayers...add Jackson, he can use all the blessings he can get :-)

2 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

poor guy. i'm glad the glass was found. that picture of him is so cute. he looks older than this summer. he's changing alot.

Unknown said...

oh my poor little man... i hope he feels better and doesn't get ANY more injuries! i was the SAME way as a kid, if something could bruise me, cut me, scratch me, or make me bleed...i always found it! unfortunately, i am the same way today...some things haven't changed as i look down and see two huge bruises on my legs from hitting our cofee table in the same spot every day!