Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday America! & Food for Thought-4 (a day late)

This fourth of July we invited some friends over and had a little BBQ. If you know Bart, you know he likes to go overboard when it comes to grilling. So, we had hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, BBQ pulled pork (slow cooked all day in crock pot), and we were going to have ribs, but we convinced Bart we had enough! We also had a delicious homemade apple pie, thanks to Maren. The kids played in the pool and the sprinkler, the adults lounged around and had a carefree afternoon outside, enjoying the not yet too hot weather of Omaha.
After dinner, the kids and moms went to the park, while the men stayed back and did manly stuff.
When it was finally starting to get a tiny bit dark, we loaded up our cars and headed out to Boys Town for a fireworks show. While waiting for the show to begin (it gets dark REALLY late around here, like 9:30-10), we learned a few things...
#1. Bring bubbles, balls, and glow sticks
#2. Don't sit near a street light
#3. Don't drink too much, b/c the bathroom is far away
#4. Don't follow Kris and Mick, thinking it probably really is faster then getting onto Dodge, change your mind about where you are going, and wind up on Pacific St. where the onramp to the interstate is currently non-existent due to construction...

Overall we had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year, maybe even bigger!

So...What did you eat to celebrate the fourth of July???

2 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

Oh come on! The exit out wasn't THAT bad- it could have been a lot worse for sure. You also forgot number
5. Just because there is a pause in the fireworks and other people get up to leave, it doesn't mean the show is actually over.

We also had a great time. Lovely Aunt Flo darkened my mood a bit, but hopefully you found us jolly and lively and entertaining. It's a deal on doing it again next year!
We'll make sure to do the invite further ahead of time and purchase the food after the final count comes in- not before!

Destination Davis said...

I love the fourth!!! Such a fun holiday!!! It reminds me of olden days, where everyone was happy and safe all of the time...good fun!!!