Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing Up

It has come to my attention that my children are growing up too fast.
Jackson is starting to go potty without me asking (we are not really working on potty training, he just does it), sleeps in a "big boy bed", objects when I say we are going to X and then go to Y instead (memory like an elephant), and today, as we are sitting on the couch watching Jungle Book, he eyeballs my PB&J sandwich and says, "Mama, need peanut butter sandwich, please." and then he took it from my hands! After he had it, he tears off a tiny piece and says, "For you, Mama."
Brennan is about to start "real" school, or "5-year old school" as he calls it. He is learning how to be a good helper and sound out words to read.
Today he actually put Jackson down for a nap. I generally put Jackson in bed around 12:30-1, after Curious George on PBS. Being the bad mommy that I am, I allow the boys to watch this show as they eat their lunch at noon. I was on the phone and trying to get off as the show ended, but it wasn't working. Brennan came downstairs and informed me, "It's Jackson's naptime." to which I replied, "He'll have to wait a few moments."
Next thing I know, I am still on the phone and Brennan comes downstairs again and says, "It's Jackson's naptime and I put him in my bed and let him use 'white quilt'." WHAT? Since when does a just-turned-5 year old put his little brother down for a nap? I had to laugh, because I knew he really just wanted to play on the computer for a bit, but started me thinking (again) about how fast they are growing up.
At least we still have moments of innocence and wonder. Both boys love to cuddle, greet me with "good morning Mama" and give the best hugs and kisses around.
So, don't grow up too fast. Mama will get off the phone to put Jack down for his nap tomorrow...I don't want to miss a moment of their childhood...even if it is shared with his brother.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Jenn said...

This is the sweetest post. I just love to hear it all of it. Can't believe how fast your boys are growing too. I remember when we had Brennan in nursery and Jackson was still in your belly. Wow where does the time go?? Glad you can be there and catch all these moments with your kiddos, wish I could get my sisters to see the same. That's another story for another day.

Holly said...

How funny. I can't believe that Brennan is going to be in Kindergarten!

Isn't it funny how they learn and change so quickly. It still catches me off guard sometimes when Kailey learns something new or does something that I don't expect.

What would life be like without them?