Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brennan's 5th Birthday Party at the Fire Station!

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Brennan's 5th birthday party was a huge success even though there was a major hold up along the way...no power due to the destructive storm the night before! Lucky for me, I'd already baked and frosted the cake, so all I had to do in the dark was make the frosting and start to decorate it by candle light. I quickly decided to wait until morning to finish the cake.
I was worried people would think it was canceled, since our phone wasn't working and I couldn't call the guests and let them know everything was okay. However, they all came, except for one family of sick children and one family who was dealing with a very wet basement.
The fire station down the street also had no electricity, but we drove by early in the morning and asked if they still wanted us to come and they said they were ready, so after play time (outside...the toy room in the basement was too dark and spooky), cake time, and present time, we were off to Fire Station 42 for a really good luck at fire engines. It wasn't nearly as fun as the tour we had when Kim set it up a few years ago, but I think the kids had a good time, even if they didn't get to ride the fire engine around town or shoot a fireman's hose (we did do that stuff in Gonzales...how cool is that? thanks Kim!)
Overall it was a great birthday party and Brennan really enjoyed himself, which is all that really mattered, anyways.
Wonder what he'll want next year???

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