Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Lillia

Brennan was invited to Lillia's birthday party at Katelman Water Park. It's a really neat swimming pool with a zero depth entry for the little ones, a sand area with fun play toys, and a super fast slide! A perk of this party is that the entire family was invited, so we all got to enjoy ourselves.
Although it looks stormy in the pictures, it didn't actually rain.
As many of you know, Brennan has been taking swim lessons for years now (seriously, he started when he was one!) I have thought they didn't really pay off...I am not huge on swimming, and the neighborhood pool cost WAY too much money for the summer, so he hasn't really ever practiced what he learned. However, at the party, although he had his Spider Man floatie (never buy a floatie from the Dollar Tree, by the way), he was kicking properly and trying to float on his back and even using his arms to do a few strokes. Now, he's no Michael Phelps, but at least I know he is kind of catching on. Maybe next summer we'll go to the pool and he can practice and really catch on.

Anyways, thanks Lilla, we had fun and I hope you had a great birthday.

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Holly said...

Looks like a nice park. That's cool that Brennan has taken swimming lessons for so long. I've thought about doing lessons with Kailey, but never did anything about it.

The whole family party is a good idea, I might try that out with Kailey's next birthday.