Friday, July 25, 2008

Potluck Theories

Tonight we attended a church potluck. The main course, delicious fried chicken from Hyvee (seriously...YUM!)...the sides and desserts were provided by church members.
Let's just say, I sure missed Baton Rouge 2nd Ward and Sis. Davis. Where it seemed that everyone in BR2 brought enough to feed an army, the folks out here brought smaller portions, and there just wasn't much variety. What was there was good, yeah, but it just didn't come close to matching the southern hospitality that poured out in the dishes we chose to bring. (there were some good desserts, esp. the strawberry pie from Village Inn)
This has gotten me to thinking...what's the difference? Bart thought maybe it was because there weren't many families in attendance, but that theory was shot down when I remembered a potluck the boys and I attended in Natchez, MS at my parents ward. There weren't many people there, probably 25 at the most, but there was enough food to fill the table and then some.
I guess it just has to do with how we Southerns view food. We like it, we generally prepare it well, and we like a LOT of it. No reason to not have everyone taking some home to the ones who had to work or were feeling sick that night. Here in Omaha, though, some of the variety, the spice, the mystery...was missing.
It sure did leave me feeling kind of home sick, missing those Sunday afternoon "Linger Longers" and Sis. Davis, telling the children to go last and bossing everyone around.

By the way, Bart thinks I shouldn't post this, saying it will hurt those who attended and brought food's feelings. That is not what I intended. I enjoyed the food I ate, I just noticed there is a difference b/w "north" and "south"...I am NOT trying to start a civil food fight over this.

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The letter 'M' said...

Oh Sister Davis... she certainly was quite the character to work with on Activities Commitee!

I've noticed that a lot of the dishes here end up being desserts (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) but there are usually only 4 or 5 main dishes to choose from in our ward and all the rest ends up being goodies. Oh, and you know how out of those main dishes there might be only two that look ok to eat (I fully admit that I am a food snob- if it doesn't look right, I won't eat it), so yeah, options can sometimes be limited in our ghetto N.O. ward too. I have gone home still hungry sometimes.

Second Ward I think was just an anamoly- and an awesome one!

Lori O said...

I agree. There is something about a potluck in the South. You can't find anything like it anywhere else. The quanity and quality of the wares is unbeatable. It's one thing I do miss.

thecaillouets said...

when i went to potucks in washington they were always quite sad. made me homesick even more. but now that i think of it our ward doesn't really have potlucks, none that i remember atleast. maybe i should suggest some for the upcoming months

Jenn said...

I'm with Jeni too when I lived in Washington it was a sad thing. The South views food in a totally different way than any other region in the US. Take tailgating for instance, my sis in Wash thought we were crazy for doing this. She didn't get it. I was like other than football it's all about the good food. HELLO!

Kristen C said...

I agree about the differences as well. We just moved back to the South from Northern California and aside from the Mexican food, the other food just didn't compare. Most of the food was always very bland. Oh yeah, hi Jessica, it has been a long time.

The Roundy's said...

I think potlucks in Utah were ten times better than the ones here in Nebraska. Maybe it's just Nebraskans that don't know or care much about food.