Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Food For Thought-1

Last November I participated in NaBloPoMo...or National Blog Posting Month. It was a free for all of blogging, with one post every day. Since then, NaBloPoMo has added the feature of blogging on a specific subject each month.
July's subject is food...and although the past month's topics haven't quite caught my attention, this one did.
So, prepare yourself to be feed by my blog every day in the month of July.
Oh, and feel free to join me...we could all get some great tips and recipes from this experience.

Entry 1:

If I ever need a recipe and can't find one in my cookbooks, I always try to find some version of what I want on the Southern Living website. I just trust it more then other sites out there. I guess I figure if someone in the south thought it tasted good...it probably did.
These people up here in Omaha just don't have a clue what good food is all about. No offense Nebraska, but so far we have not been impressed with your selection of dining options. Now, I know there is good food out there, just the stuff in our price range is blah...we used to love to eat at T.J. Ribs and Copeland's if we wanted to eat out...not too pricey, but not McDonald's cheap, either...here, I'd rather get a burger at Culver's then risk wasting money on food with no taste.
Where do you love to eat when dining away from home and where do you go for recipes? Leave a comment and let me know.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Maren said...

Cathi and I love Kraft's food and family website, and I just discovered epicurious.com. I love to eat at little tiny hole in the wall restaurants. I usually find them cleaner, tastier, and with better ambiance than chains. That said, it's hard to find the good ones...and they're not always kid friendly.

Dawne said...

oh, boy! I can relate! I grew up in north Florida(really just like Georgia), and I miss the food. The place I like eating the most is Amarillo in Bellevue. It is YUMMY! It's not like the barbecue places back home, but it's pretty close (the side dishes there leave something to be desired, but the meat is perfect). I sure do miss my Ken's Barbecue in Live Oak! Now, if I need a recipe, I like www.hillbillyhousewife.com , I just call my Mama (she knows about good cooking) or I go to one of the many family cookbooks in my closet. GREAT POST!

Jenn said...

Markus and I's obsession is right down the street from us (never a good thing for the wallet) called Jasmine's on the Bayou. I can't say enough good things about it. The food is sooo... awesome and yeah!

Recipes... usually I get my inspiration from the Food Network episodes on the TIVO. I have never gone wrong with any of the River Roads cookbooks either.