Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Brennan's preschool class, during their fall party. The boys being silly.

The bee and his queen. All that candy!!!!

We really need to find a good dentist!

Some really funny things happened during Halloween. Because I need to get back to work on my craft fair stuff, I will list them out.
  • Brennan kept yelling "Ow!" every time he touched Jackson. (Jackson was a bee...thanks Kasey)
  • Jackson would say, "Twick" for trick-or-treat.
  • Brennan gave every person's home a compliment, sometimes to the owner, other times he just said it. Two examples: "You have a really nice mailbox" (It was red with Neb. deco.) and "I like your scary spiderwebs. Did you make them just for Halloween?"
  • Jackson got furious when we let Brennan go across the street to a house and Jackson had to stay in the stroller. He was yelling "Bu, bu, bu!!!" and "Twick!" He wanted that candy.
  • Brennan went to trick or treat a door by himself. However, after he knocked, he decided he needed to eat some candy, so he dug around in his bag, opened a piece, and ate it...all as the homeowner stood there and watched...Bart quickly went up to move the slow poke fireman along.
  • Jackson would not let go of his candy. He wouldn't let people put it in his bag. Instead he would hold it, drop it, hold it some more, than put it in his bag. When I dumped his little sack out so he could carry it with ease, he got furious!!! (That is, until he got to the next house and got some more candy.)
  • When we got home, Brennan turned on our light for "customers", even though he was about to go to bed. This morning, the first thing Brennan asked was if we got any "customers". (Yes, one, but then we turned our light off...we'll give out candy next year when Jackson is older and the boys only need one adult to go around our neighborhood.)
Hope you guys all had a great Halloween, too. Brennan said it was the "best, best, bestest day ever."

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The Roundy's said...

I love Brennan's mailbox compliment. That's hilarious! You know what else is funny? I borrowed that same bee costume from Kasey last year for Sarah!