Thursday, November 29, 2007

The ending of an era

So, we got cable when we moved here so Bart could watch LSU football during football season. That has always been the plan, so I went ahead and canceled it starting Dec. 3. Why did they cancel it today? And why, when my husband called to complain about this annoying surprise, did he not demand justice? He said, "Sure, don't charge us for now until Monday, the original cut off date."
Um, Hello! Didn't Bart know that I wanted to watch one last Ace of Cake, What Not To Wear, and House Hunter? Doesn't he know that on Saturday is Snow Day on Disney in the AM? What is his deal? I guess he doesn't care since LSU comes on CBS and we get that channel just fine.
I am tempted to call them back and demand they fix their error and give us something for our loss...maybe a month of free cable, maybe a $$$ credit, maybe a trip to Jamaica for two. Oh, the possibilities of righting this horrible wrong are endless!!!!!

1 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

You crack me up! I know I'm going to be the same way when my trial subscription to XM radio runs out in three months- that's how they get you hooked! You won't have the Disney channel but just think of all the fun Xmas movies that come on the family channel during December! You'll be too busy getting in the spirit of Christmas to notice I'll bet-
but there is that one show- and that one... oh and THAT one.
LOL ;-)