Sunday, November 25, 2007


Having Will around this Thanksgiving has gotten me to thinking about friends I've had through the years.
You know, there are some friends who are just great for the time you have them, then you both move on, and that's okay.
Then, there are others who just stick around forever. Bart and I both have a few of those.
I am so grateful for all of my friends, both those who seem to stick, and those who are in my life for the here and now. I know that family is before friends, but friends really help make the family a bit more tolerable at times. They are an outside source of advice and a fresh ear to listen to your problems and complaints. They can get excited over surprises you plan for your husband or kids, furious at the checker at the Wal-Mart who was rude (even though your hubby just doesn't get it), laugh and cry and all that's in between.
Don't get me wrong. Bart is my go-to person...but, when I need something a little more booby, a little less testosteronie, there's nothing like a good friend.
So, thank you.

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Kathy said...

I know what ya mean. somtimes you just wanna get out of the house!
Jessica, you have been tagged for the Seven Things Meme by Kathy. Got to my blog and find out what it is all about! Have Fun!