Monday, September 21, 2009

Tiny Tongs, reviewed by Jackson

Jackson was able to review a set of TINY TONGS. No, he was not paid to do it, but he does get to keep the tongs...which is more then enough for him :)

At first, I was a bit leery. I mean, how were these little weird shaped salad servers going to help Jackson eat better?

Then, he got them and tried them out. He loved his tiny tongs SO MUCH, he insisted I bring them with us to Ohio the next day. True story. Just ask Kyra.

Not only does he like them, but he uses them...not his fingers to eat! I love anything that helps him do that!

Tiny Tongs are "The easy way for kids to eat." They have grooved prongs to hold the food, are dishwasher safe, and just the right size for kids.

These are something that I would not normally just buy were I to see them in the store, but let me tell you, now that we've tested them out, I will be ordering a pair for Ethan when he is a tiny bit older.

SPEAKING of ordering a pair...go ahead and check them out...then use the code fjj20 to receive a 20% discount on any, get some not just for your tiny tot, but your sister's messy eater as well.

She'll thank you for it.

Oh...and I thought I uploaded a really cute video to of Jack eating, but I did not and I really wanted to share a video, so take what you get folks...this is NOT film making 101 over here.

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Nicole said...

Those are neat. The video is good. I still haven't figured out the whole video thing yet.